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The Lost Ways is a program aimed at helping you prepare for the worst-case scenario. Calamities strike when least expected.

For instance, war, drought, floods, among other calamities, can occur, making it hard to access normal things we need in life, such as electricity, food, and shelter.

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The eBook offers practical tips that our forefathers sued to survive within the comfort which modern-day life offers. You will learn how to get food when the natural supply of food ash been cut.

During the war, you will not be able to access clean water and electricity. The program has step by step guide you can follow in coming up with alternatives which can help you survive in different areas.

It is a survival guide that prepares you to be self-reliant. It touches on all aspects of life to make you stay prepared for the worst-case scenario.

What Is The Lost Ways About?

It is a simple guide that explains how human beings can survive in case of a catastrophe. Natural disasters can happen at any time.

For instance, you will never know when your country will go to war. The economic decline can force you to look for ways of surviving.

The eBook offers simple tips anybody can follow to survive in different life-threatening situations. It relies heavily on introducing people to the ways ancient communities used to survive different calamities.

You will get crucial tips you can apply to survive in war or cases where you have been locked out of electricity, food, and water supply.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

The author of The Lost Ways is Claude Davis. He is an experienced survival coach who has tested several methods. He slits all the necessary tips you need to have and apply so that you can survive in a wide range of scenarios.

He has researched widely to list simple but effective ways. The steps he slits are easy to follow. You can follow them, and they will help you come up with a practical plan on how to survive with your family members in case a catastrophe strikes.

What will you learn from The Lost Ways?

You will need food, water, and shelter to survive. For ages, people have been using different methods to create shelter, access food, and clean water for drinking.

During ancient times our forefathers did not have electricity, but they still survived. The guide goes deep to explain to you all the steps you can take to survive in case of an emergency. Here are some of the things you can learn from the guide:

  • How to collect and store clean water for drinking

The program explains ways you can collect and store clean water for drinking without spending money. Thousand years ago, merchant ships used to move across continents with clean water on board.

There are certain tips they were urging to store enough drinking water. In the book, you will get to learn the ancient methods you can apply to collect clean water.

Your family members will not survive for long if you do not have a store of clean water. It can be hard to access clean drinking water in case of a calamity.

There is no need to worry; the eBook has outlined several practical steps you can follow to have enough water.

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  • Mastering the art of poultices

In a calamity such as floods or war, your family members can get injured. A cut on the social services will make it hard for you to access medication.

The book has a section where you will learn about poultices. You will get to know several steps you can take to prepare poultices so that you can stop the spread of infection in your family members.

It is an art which will remain very helpful in your daily life. You will spend the least time to master several tips the expert has explained.

  • Setting animal traps

In a survival situation, you will need to catch food. Some of the food you will be forced to catch as a way of improving your protein levels is small animals.

The guide offers easy steps you can follow to set up animal traps. They are effective traps which will increase your chances of catching animals so that you can use them as food.

All the materials available to make the traps are readily available in nature, you will work on materials available in your immediate environment to catch enough food for your family members.

  • What to do in case you run out of bullets

You may be in the war where you will have to protect yourself. It is necessary to utilize your bullets wisely or look for ways you can get new bullets so that you can protect yourself against hostile people or wild animals.

The guide teaches you simple tricks you can do to make your bullets last longer or get alternatives in case your stock of bullets is exhausted.

In the guide, you will even get to learn about the tricks that a certain group of people employed so that they can avoid running out of bullets after they wondered to the Wild West.

  • Making nutritious foods out of Native American scouts recipe

There are some ingredients you can use to make delicious foods. The Native American scouts first documented them. You will get to learn about such ingredients and how to prepare them after you get your copy.

You need nutritious food so that you can survive longer in a survival situation. You will get to know the several tricks you can apply so that you can get the right ingredients.

  • Learn how Native Americans built underground houses

You need a bulletproof shelter to survive in certain calamities. For example, in case of war, you would have to look for a shelter that can offer you protection.

Having an underground shelter can be a great way to improve your chances of surviving. The guide will equip you with the right knowledge you can follow to make the underground shelter.

Native Americans used to make durable underground shelters; you can follow the tips to make your underground shelter. The eBook offers easy to follow steps which you can easily follow to build your underground shelter.

  • Making your beverages

You need to look for a way you can make your life comfortable after the break of civilization. The book goes further to introduce you to the art of making your beverages.

You can use ingredients such as ginger to make the beverages, among other methods, which are well explained. You need to know the right foods you can forage so that you can increase your chances of survival.

You will get to learn a lot of edible wild fruits and herbs you can utilize in case you find yourself stranded in the wild.

  • Navigating without a GPS system

In survival situations, you would like to move from one point to the other. Our forefathers used to navigate without using GPS systems.

The eBook introduces you tot eh old ways you can apply to locate places and even move around easily. It is a simple way to navigate and move from danger to the nearest safe ground.

  • Making snowshoes for survival

The book teaches you how you can survive on different grounds. Apart from being stranded in a hot desert, you may as well get yourself on the snow where you have to survive.

You will need the right gear in such a place to improve your chances of surviving. The eBook teaches you how to make snowshoes so that you can protect yourself and move around comfortably. It is a step by step guide, which makes it easy to come up with the right survival strategy.

  • Making survival knives

Knives are necessary for any survival situation. You need to look for ways you can make the knives so that your family members can sue them when foraging.

You will as well require them for survival. The eBook has a section dedicated to helping you master the art of making survival knives.

It will introduce you to specific strategies you can apply to make the right knives you can use to secure your family.

  • Cooking on an open flame

After catching wild animals and fish, you would like to cook them. The guide has a section where you will learn how you can make an open flame and use it for cooking.

When cooking food, it is essential to preserve ingredients. The guide book offers the right tips you can apply to realize the best results as you cook food. It is an effective guide you will use to master the art of making fire and cooking a wide range of foods.

What Is Included In The Lost Ways?

The program comes with several modules that aim at equipping you with necessary survival skills. You will get to learn about the following tips:

  • Survival food cooking

You need food to survive. The eBook covers several areas that aim at making it easy for you to master the art of making food from readily available ingredients.

You will get to learn how to use different ingredients to make delicious foods. It lists several recipes which Native Americans used to adhere to while cooking food. It covers simple methods you can apply to achieve the best results when cooking food.

  • Catching food

You will learn how to set up traps using readily available materials. The traps will play a great role in helping you catch wild animals you can use as food. It teaches you several methods you can apply to catch a wide range of edible animals during winter.

  • Constructing underground houses

You will get to learn how you can make an underground shelter that can accommodate up to four people. The eBook delivers the tips from what Native Americans used to do so that they can have secure shelter.

You will get introduced to practical tips you can easily follow to get the right shelter for your family members. You will be surprised at how you will easily come up with shelter after reading the guide.

  • Collecting and storing water

You will need water to survive in any situation. In the most survival situation, you will not get access to clean water. There are ways you can collect and purify the water so that you can keep using it with your family members.

The guide allows you to come up with practical tips that are highly effective to allow you to collect and store water for long so that you can use it with family members.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Lost ways is a guide that teaches you how to survive in case of a disaster. It is not a scam. All the tips you will learn are easy to follow.

Several people have tried the guide, and they agree with the author. He has taken time to explain quickly to follow steps that anybody can apply to survive in a disaster situation.

The Lost Ways Pros

The Lost Ways eBook has several advantages. Here are some of the benefits of getting your copy today:

  • Easy tips anybody can utilize to survive a calamity
  • Practical easy to follow guides and tutorials
  • Money-back guarantee within 60 days
  • Explains ways to preserve meat without refrigeration and smoking
  • An affordable survival guide book
  • Covers a wide variety of topics in the survival field
  • Helps in achieving a healthy lifestyle even when not in a survival situation

Does The Lost Ways Work?

The lost ways work. It is a step by step guide which has been tried by several people, and it works perfectly. You can apply it in your survival situation, and it will work correctly.

There is even a money-back guarantee within two months if you buy it, and it ends up not working as per your expectations.


The program has been very helpful to many people. You need to get a copy and get prepared. You will never know when calamity will strike.

It is a helpful book you can easily follow, and it will work correctly to make your family members know what to do in case the worst happens.

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