The Bulletproof Home Defense Reviews

The Bullet proof home defense is not a machine or a cover to defend a home it is a book that has all details for the defense of a home and making it secure during a disaster.

Lots of natural disasters take place that destroy the liveliness of a house thereby making the owner defenseless. If you are planning a retreat after an economic failure or a natural calamity, there are certain things that have to be kept in mind.

These things may often be left out due to the panic that sets in one’s mind making life at home difficult. Settling back at a place after a crisis is very crucial and demands a lot f time.

But by following certain safety measures given in this book any such crisis can be averted.

What is the product all about?

This product is a book that covers mainly about securing a home to keep it safe from any accidents. The product is open as a book and a PDF file and can be downloaded as any format.

The tips and lessons given are just mind blowing. It is basically a book on survival and has stories of real life people who have been there and gone through such incidents and also survived them with their techniques.

This book deals with the truth that survival technique changes from person to person based on several situations. But it is always better to be ready before rather than trying to save oneself after stepping into a crisis.

The book has all necessary things on survival like what has to be done? What can be done? How to survive?

Who is the author?

The highly acclaimed Bullet proof home defense book has been penned by a man called Steve walker.

There are a lot of survival books found in the market, but this particular book by Steve has got lot of positive comments as Steve himself is a prepper, a survivalist who has taken pains to write about real life stories and give the true details of extreme incidents from which people have survived.

Steve also clearly mentions the strategies they did use at that time and the different types of situations discussed with real stories help making the book very interesting.

With these facts in mind, the author has given a fully informational book on survival and its need.

What is included in this program?

This book primarily consists of details about survival and tips on what has to be done during the crisis. The highlight of this book is that it also has the faults of real life survivors when face with an incident truly.

Stories of people who have faced and been through any social crisis are clearly written with what type of risks worked and what did not.

If it led to a negative reaction, that is also included so as to make the reader aware that such kind of mistakes are possible and can be avoided when faced with a similar problem. The book or a file includes,

  • Home defense for preppers
  • Defense concepts and strategies.
  • The right defensive attitude
  • Do not become a target
  • Your perimeter- first layer of defense
  • Hardening your home-second layer of defense.
  • Inside your home-third layer of defense.
  • Self defense
  • Other survival considerations

All these topics have been elaborated well and also include some chapters like storing stuff, legal defense, alarms, barricades and obstacles, traps, fortified positions, a safe room, lookouts and snipers and so on.

This is what the entire book is all about and covers the story of real time survivors in all the given situations.

How does it work?

The book really works wonders for preppers and gives them an increased level of confidence. Any kind of social chaos and economic disaster can be seen through and a retreat can be made.

This book shows not only the survival techniques used but also the mistakes that they made during the process of survival.

Reading this book helps you make up your mind about such crisis and also gives you strength as these people have been there in such incidents and have also come out of it and lived.

The Bullet proof home defense is mainly for all people to secure their home from any kind of attack or a natural disaster thereby making the home completely protected and a safe place to return to.

List of pros:

Here are certain advantages that the book has,

  1. Compared to other books this book covers all kinds of survival techniques and tips from people.
  2. Real time survivors’ story makes this book very interesting and has increased the demand.
  3. The author Steve walker has made it very unique by adding the survival tips from preppers and has also emphasized on their mistakes.
  4. These mistakes make it very useful for the readers to understand from the mistakes and help them from making the same mistakes again.
  5. The book gives enough points to make anyone confident and ready to face social threats.
  6. Along with the book Steve also gives reports like crash proof, doctor in a box, boomers guide to prepping, unlimited power and the ultimate prepping coach as a bonus.
  7. This book is very valuable and effective cost wise and information wise and worthy for the money spent.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

Any adventurous person or a survivalist is the best person for the book. It is a home defense book for anyone in the world to come out of any social chaos and try to survive .

Be it a natural disaster, a pandemic or any recession, there are many techniques to keep up the defense of the home and have a happy retreat.

Does the product work?

This book has got lots of applause from readers and has been highly recommended by them to others. Any kind of crisis is like a door less cave which has darkness and nothing else, but this book gives knowledge to the readers to find the light and reach their home safe.


Home is the place for love and affection and if there is any danger, not only the whole outer structure shatters but also the people inside. To protect and survive in such situations this book is very good and highly recommended.

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