StrikeLight Reviews

The product is about self defense. The STRIKELIGHT tactical torch is a tool that one can use to not only flash out an
ongoing distress in the darkness but to protect oneself from danger as well.

The product aims to promote self defense and highlight the importance of having one of its kind in the protection of your property and life.

The product provides a platform through which one can take up self defense measures in the event that the authorities are far from reach and quick defense measures need to be taken until they arrive.

Who is the creator?

The product is one of the many self defense tools designed and developed by the company APESURVIVAL.

The company has developed various tools for self defense and the STRIKELIGHT tool is the latest addition to their impressive collection of well crafted tools.

Additionally the company has developed and designed various survival guidelines and lessons that are available at their website.

A prominent and well reviewed company, APESURVIVAL seeks to address the need for self defense by designing and creating multi task tools that come in handy when a person is in a situation that requires self defense.

What is included in the program?

The product when purchased comes with three elite survival guidelines which can be downloaded from the company website upon completion of ordering for the tactical torch.

These guidelines are sold differently if one wants to purchase them but you get them for free when you purchase one of the STRIKELIGHT tactical torches.

The added value offered to a person who has purchased the STRIKELIGHT torch by the guidelines is immense and sensitizes a person on various techniques and how to procedures that may otherwise not have been known prior to purchasing the torch.

Basically with purchase of the tactical torch comes added value that is important in enhancing a person’s self defense and survival skills.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

The STRIKELIGHT is designed in a simple way that is easy to use. The solid aluminium body make of the torch gives it a hardened surface.

A button situated in the handling area of the torch switches on the almost blinding flash light. The light is bright enough to illuminate even the darkest of places.

The brightness can be adjusted however to the user’s preference, majorly from full lighting to half power and then to strobe lighting.

The torch is expandable in the event that the intruder is standing far from where you are. What you do is twist the handle from where you are holding the torch and four extra inches are added to the length of the torch giving you that much needed reach to deliver a well timed blow to the intruder.

It should be noted that twisting the torch for extra length adjusts the light size to a smaller size in comparison to when the torch is not twisted.

The product is not a scam and is as genuine as it can get. Scams normally have information littered all over and with unclear explanations regarding a product.

This review I have written is proof, for any doubting Thomas, that this product is authentic and will deliver as expected.

The company that produces the product is well reputed and producing or promoting anything that is below standard or is a scam in nature is detrimental to the interests and public image of the company.

List of PROS

The STRIKELIGHT tactical torch has a couple of advantages which put it in a top position amongst other tactical torches on the market. I will briefly highlight the advantages;

  1. The tool is portable and easy for one to carry around be it in the car or taking an evening walk in the neighborhood.
  2. It is simple and easy to use and does not require any additional assembling to get it to perform its functions
  3. Given its lightweight nature, the STRIKELIGHT tactical torch can be carried around by people of all sizes that is to say from small bodied people to big bodied people.
  4. It is adjustable. As explained earlier on, the torch is adjustable to give the much needed length one may need
  5. The STRIKELIGHT tactical torch is made from solid aluminium which makes it a hardened defense tool that can knock out any intruder whether big or small.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

The product does not have a focus group of people as such and so therefore is not designed for exclusive use by a certain class of people.

The product is available for use by anyone who feels the need to be secured with a self defense tool. The people can be;

Small bodied people, big bodied people, teenagers, long distance vehicle drivers, campers, law enforcement officers, members of the armed forces to mention but a few

Generally the tool is open to use for people at levels however it should be handled with care and kept out of reach of young children who might otherwise get hurt when playing with the tool

Does the product work?

The STRIKELIGHT tactical torch has received a number f praises in the form of reviews from highly satisfied customers and users.

Their claim that the torch has done exactly what they hoped it would do lays justifiable ground upon which one can say the product works.

It is handy and manually synchronized by the movements of the hand. Additionally the STRIKELIGHT tactical torch has been ranked among other tactical torches in its category as the best tactical torch that one can purchase and use for the purposes of self defense.


If you are out there and you are in need of a self defense tool that doubles as a source of light, well look no further than the STRIKELIGHT tactical torch. It is available for purchase at the APESURVIVAL website at a reasonable and reduced cost of $49.95!

Furthermore its specifications that I have highlighted above make it an almost perfect fit to the arsenal one needs to have at their disposal.

In today’s society the fast rising rate of crime in the form of rape, murder, thefts and burglary, one needs to be properly equipped with the right tools to not only save their property but safeguard their lives in the process.

Head over to the APESURVIVAL website and place your order to purchase this handy tool and as a token of their gratitude you will receive not one but three of their elite safety guideline packages.

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