Solar Air Lantern Reviews

Solar air lantern Made in USA by a reputable firm called Survival Frog, has been found to be the most efficient emergency lighting provider.

Emergency will never give notice of its coming, that’s why we must prepare before its occurrence. Electricity supply is always the first casualty of any natural disaster.

It is very important for everyone to get emergency lighting provider at hand whether at home, in camp or when travelling. Also the best forms of emergency lantern suitable for any emergency situation are the solar powered light.

The amazing solar air lantern is the most appropriate and is very capable of providing sharp, reliable and long hours of lightings in case of an emergency.

This inflatable solar air lantern is very portable in size and can guarantee you about 12 hours of steady light on a single charge.

You just need to lay in the sun to charge afterward inflate and then enjoy long time of bright ambient light. To avoid getting trapped during a natural disasters or any unavoidable damage to the electricity supply, then the air solar lantern is a necessity.

It is very portable in size. You can hang it to the wall, tree or any immobile object.It is safe to say that you are looking best crisis lighting without misuse of batteries and current?

Solar Air Lantern is the best strategy for solar lighting framework that will help all of you crisis circumstance.

Solar Lantern can give crisis lighting without the need of batteries or fuel All you have to do is recently lay it out in the sun to charge – then blow up the lantern and appreciate hours of brilliant encompassing light.

The Solar Air Lantern gives light to up to eight hours and components twelve white LEDs that sparkle brighter than most gas mantle lanterns.

The best part is that this solar lantern has no requirement for batteries or fuel! Simply let the sun energize it in the day and you'll remain lit up during the evening.

We have decided to embark on a very detailed study to ascertain the real truth of the noise about this solar air lantern cube.

To know whether it is real or just of those regular hype to deceive the populace. Because, emergency could occur anytime and anybody could be caught-up in it.

If you now equip yourself with fake solar air lanterns, it’ll be a double tragedy. We believe if the right research and review are done, a lot of people will know whether to buy it or look elsewhere for emergency protection.

Read this solar air lantern review and avail yourself the authenticity of all the claims.

What Really Is The Solar Air Lantern?

Solar air lantern is the most tested and proven solar powered led air lantern light that guarantees stable and steady light in an emergency.

It can help light-up our surroundings when there is no electricity supply or while travelling in the night and your car break-down.

The survival air lantern is entirely solar charged, no batteries are required. It can gives up to 12 hours of light when fully charged.

It is very portable, it can be stored anywhere. It’s only 1’’ in height when deflated and comes in an eye-catching cube design.

The survival air lantern frog is amazingly lightweight, inflatable, rechargeable, waterproof, shatterproof, required no batteries and has so many advantages.

It requires little efforts, just sun-charge, inflate and get your shining light. The impressive solar air lantern survival has varieties of benefits for its users among which are –

Excellent and perfect for reading in the dark.It can help light up Camp site.It can provide adequate lightings inside Tents.

Provide temporary lightings during power outages at homes or offices.You can keep it in your Car, Boat or RV conveniently.

It can floats on water without it penetrating inside.It is most efficient and suitable for your backyard party.

How Does Frog Solar Air Lanterns Works?

This portable solar air lanterns that is capable of providing temporary or emergency lightings does not require batteries nor fuel.

Neither does it need plugging into the wall to tap power at all. It is solely a solar powered device. You just put under the sun to charge and thereafter inflate with air.

When fully charge; it can provide emergency lightings of about 12 hours for you. You can hang it on a tree, rope when off-station to help light up your surroundings.

It can equally be place on any stable object at home or hang it on a wall in your room.

A Paracord Survival Kit which can be attached to the device to enable you hang it anywhere of your choice has been provided free for buyers.

This paracord survival kit has 9 feet of 550lb strength. It is very compact and can fits in pockets or attached to gear. It also contains other 10 very valuable survival tools in it. The solar air lantern is very affordable.

It is very easy convenient to maintain as you only need to recharge it with sunlight only. It is indestructible and can retain a charge for up to 3 years if not use.

The Pros

It is completely free of maintenance fee.It is very portable and its lightweight makes it very convenient for use at any location.

It is the most ideal device for emergency lightings in any event of power outage or natural disasters.Very easy to use, you only need to lay in sun, inflate and then enjoy about 12 hours of shining ambient light.

It effectively comes with 3 different modes, low, bright and strobe/emergency flash mode.It has an integral handle built on top for easy hanging.It is very affordable.6 month 100% money back policy makes the it risk free.


Our conviction based on what we hear and experience about the solar air lantern is that of positivity. We strongly tested and confirmed every claim the manufacturer made on the product.

Its’ reliance on solar for power source; even makes it more efficient. Solar energy has been proved to be one of the most reliable energy sources. It is indestructible, easy to maintain, can’t be destroyed by water and can successfully float on water.

And for you to avoid falling into the hand of scammers; you’ll need to access the product through the official website. This official web page can however be access through many links in our review.

Try solar air lantern by the Survival Frog and see what the experience will be for you.

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