HyBeam Flashlight Reviews

Ease your survival tactics by owning a Hybeam Flashlight. The Hybeam flashlight is designed to give you the best beams of light that you have not experienced before. It is a pocket-sized device that means you can easily carry it around without much stress.

What is this product all about?

The Hybeam Flashlight is the most invaluable with an authentic Cree LED bulb that is super-bright. It is made up of aircraft aluminum which is both waterproof and shock-resistant, making it more strong and resistant to harsh conditions.

There are some features I feel greatly add to the effectiveness of this device that you should note:

Authentic Cree LED BulbThe Hybeam Flashlight has a super bright light that is blinding. This is an aspect that I hold to be important as you can clearly make out all objects in the dark without much strain.

The dark will be seemingly day to you with this flashlight in your hand. Beveled edgeThe creators of this tactical flashlight thought of emergencies occurrence.

The product has beveled edge that helps out when you are stuck in an emergency. It acts as a self-defense device as well as a glass breaker allowing you to break any glass surfaces that might be keeping you trapped and hence protecting you when in danger.

Three-mode Button Switch The flashlight having been designed as a survival kit, allows you to switch the mode from a high to a low beam, to a flashing mode to signal for help.

Uses any AA BatteryYou have the freedom of using your favorite AA battery and are sure of having several hours of lights illuminating your path. any time, anywhere, you can be sure to have a light shining on your way to keep you from tripping over any obstacles.

It is Ultra-Light, Ultra-Tough, and waterproof The flashlight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it more durable to withstand even usage that is heavy.

It additionally is waterproof adding its life. It additionally has a strong carrying strap that keeps it in a position it critical times.

Who is the Creator?

The Hybeam flashlight is marketed by the Family Protection Association (FPA). This organization is a survivalist outfit company in Austin, Texas.

The company is dedicated to ensuring that they have you prepared for anything involved in this life by offering you the necessary tools and resources.

What is included in the program?

The FPA offers membership by using the Hybeam flashlight if I may say as bait to lure you in their program. The argument here is that if anyone loves survival tools like this one, then they will be more interested in joining and belonging to a particular survival community.

In the past, they have successfully used the Free Big Knife in subscribing members in the program. The membership is in two categories: the monthly and annually packs.

You can pay $19.95 monthly or $97 annually. There is no much difference as both subscriptions are entitled to the same perks but the annual subscription saves you 66% as compared to the monthly one.

As a member of FPA, you are entitled to:

  • Master Video Training Courses in protection/ survivalist techniques
  • Podcast with FPA experts
  • Private Group Page
  • Lamplighter hat
  • Weekly e-Newsletter
  • First to view new content
  • A Facebook badge
  • Voting rights on the board of advisors
  • Event VIP status
  • Free gift
  • Membership lapel pin

How does it work? Is it a scam?

Many people are a bit hesitant to join the program at first for fear of it being a scam. Well, you can be sure that the FPA is a certified program and over the years, it has helped over 100,000 people to better their survival skills as well as protecting their families.

The organization’s motto and mission are; “for the safety, security, and success of the family, and to equip people with the tools and insights necessary to protect their families from all threats be they physical, financial, emotional, and anything in between.

FPA ensures that you and your family’s risks are minimized while the lives are maximized. They offer a number survival skills training courses that are given to you once you sign up for membership.

They connect you with an expert that will take you through the safety training course. You can be certain that this is not a scam by visiting their official website Survivallife.com so as to get access to the services that they offer.

You will additionally be in a position to chat live with their staff members who will answer all the questions you have regarding the program.

List of Pros

  • Considering the size of the Hybeam flashlight is considerably an effective device. The beam is good with the best aspect of three modes of a beam from high to low.
  • It is highly compact and durable. It is as a result of the aircraft aluminum it’s made from that makes it more resistant to harsh conditions.
  • The pocket size makes it more portable.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

The Hybeam flashlight is practically suitable for anyone that loves camping, hunting, fishing. all these activities need a bright light when it gets dark and hence the Hybeam flashlight serves the purpose.

Does the product work?

If this is the question you ask, then know the product does work. I have personally tried it, and I can assure you that the results are amazing. I have tried other models from different companies, but the Hybeam Flashlight out-stands them all.


The Hybeam flashlight is a cool thing for you to own and carry around. It is being sold at competitive prices by the lead sellers like Amazon.

Better still you can subscribe or sign up as a member of the Family Protection Association (FPA) and get the product for free.

You will not regret either of this; both the Hybeam flashlight and the FPA program are a thing you can rely on. With the subscription to the program, you get a free book and a survival course in addition to the flashlight.

What else are you waiting for? Get yourself a Hybeam Flashlight and ensure that you don't forget to subscribe to the FPA program to keep your family protected. Enjoy a safe life with Hybeam Flashlight and FPA.

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