Family Self Defence Reviews

Family Self Defence is a home self defense program that has been developed to ensure your family is kept safe. Unlike other self-defense programs this one teaches a limited number of core moves that will disable any attacker.

The key factors that make this system different is that instead of learning different solutions for individual scenarios, as is done with most other programs.

In this system a limited number of “fight ending” moves are taught, The creator of this course offers to teach anyone how they can quickly disable an attacker, using a limited number of moves.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The course was created by Frank Bell. Frank is a 44 year old,former systems engineer who had a career change and became an elite martial arts trainer.

He mostly works training Bodyguards employed by celebrities for protection. Frank created the course after an incident when his home was invaded by three people during the night.

What Is Included In The Program?

The course includes training materials and videos which are delivered through downloads. The course materials can be covered in one hour.

It is not so much the length of the course that matters as the concept behind the course is to slash the number of moves taught so that response to a threat becomes more instinctive rather than mentally flipping through a long list of specialist moves o resolve a situation.

Instead a few, very effective, multi-situation moves are taught, resulting in faster and more deadly response. Frank claims tat the moves are designed so that they do not require strength, speed, or flexibility.

The course will teach you a variety of concepts and techniques including:

  • Why fists should not be used – By punching incorrectly the individual risks serious injury to their wrists and hands.
  • A better way than punching that is more deadly and faster
  • How to train while sitting down
  • Expanding field of vision which is important if fighting a group of attackers
  • Utilizing Fulcrums naturally occurring in the body
  • What NOT to do when a weapon is aimed at you.
  • How to use a “2-second” move to neutralize your attacker
  • Take out a violent mob
  • Where to find the vulnerable parts of the body
  • A “special” move that will guarantee you will survive any fight

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The website claims that by using what you learn in the course that you the victim can protect yourself against any attacker, or group of attackers.

They say it will prove successful even if the attack takes place while you are sleeping. You will need noting more than your four limbs to take control.

The attacker is going to see you as easy prey, vulnerable, and they will be taken aback when they realize you are not.

This moment of hesitancy allows you to strike with a move aimed at one of the vulnerable spots you have been taught will disable your attacker.

The aim of the course is to turn anyone completing he course into a skilled and confident fighting machine that can even take on a skilled fighter in a street fight.

So is it a Scam?

Let us think for a moment what that means. A scam is something that takes your money and does not deliver what it claims.

Frank Bell is an acknowledged martial arts expert. He trains bodyguards, so they clearly think he has ability. He has designed the course, a course that is designed for a specific purpose.

As you will see later in this review there is proof given that it is effective. In my opinion the course is a genuine product and does what it says. It is not a scam.

List of Good Points

  1. It is a condensed course, no need for months of study to see results
  2. The course is written by an expert
  3. It provides a solution to a growing problem
  4. Instant delivery so you can start straight away
  5. A no risk guarantee offering 100% of your money back

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

If we look at the comparative rates of violent crime in the USA and the UK, countries that are very similar in many ways, we can see that the USA is a much more violent society. The “Intentional Murder Rates” are

USA 5.3 murders per 100,000 inhabitants

UK 1.2 murders per 100,000 inhabitants

Even Syria has a rate of just 2.20 murders per 1000,000, so nobody can deny that the risk of getting murdered is much higher in the USA than many other countries.

Any parent i he USA has a responsibility to do all they can to protect their family and this course can help a great deal in achieving this.

Does The Program Work?

I am a great believer in number, and clear evidence when establishing if a product works. Fortunate for the Family Self Defence product we have just that.

When testing the program, in the early days, Frank 124 regular students. At the end of the course they were asked to test themselves against a number of Top International Bodyguards and Martial Artists. A scary challenge for anyone, but surprisingly 38 of the test subjects we so confident that they agreed.

Because some of the training was so deadly that there was a risk of severely injuring the bodyguards, certain techniques wee not allowed. Obviously in a real life situation that would not be a factor. .

The results of these 38 matches were that 34 of the students won! The other 4 were declared a draw. Not a single student was hurt, and some of he victories were achieved in record time.

Word got around in he bodyguard industry and this led o a huge increase in Frank Bell's business.

By any possible way of looking at these results, t must be sad that the system clearly works.


As a father, and someone who has no history in fighting or martial arts I certainly would sign up for this course, and would heartily recommend anyone else to as well.

4.8/5 - (14 votes)