Everstryke™ Pro Perma-Match Reviews

Fire is the mightiest survival tool of Mother Nature. Starting a fire without a match is an essential survival skill. Do you want to learn that skill?

Just buy Everstryke™ Pro Perma-Match and use it. You will then have achieved the mastery of “match-free fire making” skill.


Everstryke™ Pro Perma-Match can help you make fire, irrespective of the place you are in and the climate surrounding you just like the early humans who lived one million years ago.

But there is a difference. Early humans created fire by doing a lot of rubbing of two dry sticks. There were other ways as well.

It took a lot of energy and time to search the fire materials, set them up in the ready state and do the process of making fire.

However, this perma-match product does the job very easily and more importantly, without the need of any other material for causing the friction to catch fire or for ignition.

It supplies the fire for quite a long time. This amazing fire starter is 100% waterproof. This factor influences campers, hikers, survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts to buy this product. It also is an incredible boon on emergency situations.


This any-time any-where fire starter was conceptualized and created by Survival Life. Survival Life, a company in Texas, is known for providing handy advice, tips and tools for survival for people not only in America but worldwide as well.

Some examples of the tips provided are about food production, self-defense, medical care, evacuation planning and alternative energy.

Survival Life is one such company which spreads the knowledge of practical ways to survive irrespective of the level of adversity of the circumstances.


The product is made out of solid stainless steel and of cylindrical shape. It has built-in O ring which keeps the fuel away from evaporation indefinitely.

This product consists of a match with a Ferro rod and wick. The flint and wick present can be replaced. The best feature is that it comes with a replaceable flint.

Any lighter fluid can be used as fuel in this product. This product comes with a bonus. You will get a book named ” Ultimate Survival Skills” for free. That book is very essential for any person looking forward to enhancing their survival skills.


The working of this product is very simple. The match stem is unscrewed first. The match is then filled with three-fourths of any lighter fluid.

Once the filling is done and the matching stem is placed back. Let the setup be undisturbed for a minimum five minutes.

When ready, pick the striker and drag it across the Ferro rod at the pool's side. Do not strike near the opening of the canister. When done, put off the flame and place the matching stem back into the canister.


  1. A newly replaceable flint is one of the new features of the completely redesigned Everstryke Pro
  2. The wick has the capability to last for 10 times longer and is also replaceable.
  3. It has both the Ferro rod and the wick in one single kit making it convenient to be carried in a pocket.
  4. It is ultra lightweight and compact.
  5. The temperature of Ferro rod when stroked is greater than three thousand degrees and the temperature of the resulting flame is over 600F.
  6. The product is long lasting one because each match has the capability of fifteen thousand long burning strikes.
  7. It is easy to use and more importantly safe to use as well.
  8. It is completely waterproof.
  9. It saves your money, time and energy to find the required materials to start the process of creating fire.


The only condition for an ideal candidate to use this product is that he or she must be at least eighteen years old. This product can be the best gift for any survivalist.

Whether you are interested to hike, camp or just get outside with your family, you can have this product for starting the fire at any place.

This match can be used for EDC, Military, BBQ as well when you need a spark. Are you interested in outdoor recreation? Then you must have Everstryke™ Pro Perma-Match as an essential item in your list of accessories.


Everstryke™ Pro Perma-Match, being a product of Survival life, is sure to be working efficiently. It can start the fire at any place, at any time, in any climatic condition.

This is a proved fact. As we discussed, it is waterproof. So, no matter, you are wet in rain, you can make fire and enjoy the warmth.

The survival book is another helpful tool that would help you in training yourself. The manuals are self-explanatory.


Everstryke™ Pro Perma-Match is one of those truly amazing survival tools which has got the highest rated scores among the permanent match style designs available in the market.

This is because the team from Survival Life has done a great job in revamping this design for better durability, making it lower in weight, and the capability of producing larger sparks.

This match has the ability of twenty thousand matches. The replaceable flint that comes with this tool is very important when you just use it immediately after you buy.

The use of this device might be different for each person and so the requirement for a new wick will depend on the frequency of using the product.

Even if a truck runs over this device by any accident, the technology used in this product would help in making the fire as usual.

You just need a very small amount of patience to keep the fire burning. This can be used by anyone who has not had any experience of making the fire in any camps.

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