Everstryke Match Reviews

Looking to get FREE Everstryke Match by Survival Life? Read our honest review here to find out if it's good or bad. Does this survival match works?

Everyone dreams of going on an adventure. Today, due to our lifestyle it is extremely very hard to actually find time to indulge our self in activities that give us that much-needed adrenaline rush.

Some of us have a family to take care of whereas some have jobs that don't allow them to get time for these privileged treats.

Everstryke Match Reviews

Depending on the type of adventure we go on there are different materials available in the market. For example, if we going on a trek we need proper shoes and proper clothing because mountains are very unpredictable.

It can rain anytime or get very cold in a minute. One more very important thing that we need when we are going to travel is something with which we can start a fire.

One needs to set up camps to spend the night and cook food. When it comes to cooking we cant get back to the stone age where one had to rub stones to start a fire but instead, we prefer carrying our lighters or matchsticks.

Everstryke Match is a very handy product for such camping activity. This is one of those brilliant products which everyone should buy and carry with them.

In recent years Everstryke Match has become the choice for everyone. From completing a trek to set up a barbecue it is everyone's favorite now.

What Is Everstryke Match All About?

Everstryke Match is one revolutionary product that you will need on every trek that you go on or any random trip you decide to take. Be it a dessert, beach or a hill station.

Everstryke Match is not a traditional matchstick or a lighter that we use to light our cigarettes, this product is all about giving you a hassle-free experience of starting a fire anywhere.

It promises to be with you under every adverse condition. This is one match which will work at low temperatures, in moist environments or even when its raining and the pack is all wet!

Who Is The Author or Creator?

This amazing match is created and sold by Survival Life. Currently, they are selling it for FREE! Yes, they are selling it for free and we only have to pay for the shipping.

Shipping costs 2-3 $ only and will be delivered at your doorstep within three weeks. We can also buy it from any online stores or from a nearby local store.

What Is Included In Everstryke Match?

Everstryke Match contains a Ferro rod and wick that lights up when we strike the rod against the surface provided on the side of the match.

Everstryke Match claims that even water cant stop the stick dipped in fuel from lighting up. This match has been proved to work after one has dipped it in water for 1 hour.

They claim that the match works at all the temperature that one can encounter while on a trip or trek. It can survive all the adverse conditions.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

There are lots of doubts that goes around in our minds when we think of buying anything new. Trusting a new product which stormed the market recently is always difficult.

But as far as Everstryke Match is concerned, one can buy them with full trust that it will indeed work and will prove its worth. Using this match is pretty easy.

It comes with a Ferro Rod that sits right in the center of the square fuel liquid holder. For starting a fire one has to just take out the Ferro rod and strike it against the surface provided on the container.

This rough surface will be on the right and the left side of the container. After using it we can put off the fire and insert back the Ferro rod in the square box containing the fuel.

Because it is not some usual matchstick we can use it multiple times. They claim that we can light up to 15,000 long burning strikes.

List of Pros

  • The Everstryke Match is very lightweight
  • It is waterproof
  • Can light up to 15,000 long burning strikes.
  • It can fit easily into small pockets
  • The design makes it easy to hold
  • We can refill the fuel container whenever we want
  • It contains a built-o-ring that prevents evaporation of the fuel
  • This match will not burn your finger like many other matches
  • Anyone who can light a matchstick can light Everstryke Match
  • It comes with a keychain, so it is easy to attach it to a bag or purse.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

It will be very important for people who have outdoor survival gear, emergency survival kit (which contains all the necessary to help in an emergency) or camping kit.

Imagine if we are going on a solo trip or to search a jungle for new species, where we have to spend the night in the woods, this match can be used to start a fire easily.

As the weather is quite unpredictable at some places and it starts raining then we definitely cant use those conventional lighter or matchsticks.

In situations like this, it is very important to have something like Everstryke Match which is excellent for emergency and adverse condition unlike other lighters that stop working when the temperature is low or the weather is wet

Does Everstryke Match Work?

Everstryke Match claims that it can light up to 15,000 long burning strikes. So, to check the quality of the product several people have done multiple tests.

People have tested it at low temperature where they kept the match at low temperature and tried lighting it. It was also tested after keeping it underwater for 1 hour.

Under all these conditions it proved to be a product worth buying. So, it is definitely not a scam.


Great asset for every traveler whether he is travelling solo or with a huge group of people. It can light up any place.

It is one of the best permanent match available in the market.

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