The Lost Ways 2 Reviews

Looking to buy The Lost Ways 2 by Claude Davis? Read our unbiased review to find out if it's good or bad. Is it a Scam or Not?

This product is about different survival techniques and a lost superfood which can protect you against any type of famine or food shortage.

This superfood food cannot be found in the modern days because it vanished with the Incas more than six centuries ago.

The Lost Ways 2 Reviews

However, NASA recently re-discovered it and they have been giving some of its rations to spacemen and women going on month-long missions to space.


The Incas used to store this superfood in pit holes for long periods of time and sometimes even more than a decade. They actually used it to survive a four-year drought that wiped their southern neighbors out.

So if this food managed to save the Incas centuries ago and it’s being used by astronauts today, then it can come in handy for you and your family during a crisis.

The Author of Lost Ways 2

Claude Davis, a renowned survival expert, is the author of Lost Ways 2. In this book, Davis offers a vital guideline of survival secrets and techniques.

What’s Included In The Program?

Lost Ways 2 comes with two bonuses.

How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres of Land: it’s a book report written for people who want a homestead that is self-sufficient.

You will be shown what you should build around your house, how to divide your land into small sections and get the most out of it, how you can live without electricity, the type of medicinal garden that you can have in your backyard among others.

What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP? : this exclusive report outlines forty-three things that you need to have in advance just in case an EMP hits.

How the Lost Ways 2 Work and If It’s a Scam

The Lost Ways 2 outlines important aspects of life that were used in ancient times. The 300-page book will also help you to learn about two other superfoods i.e. the long-lasting “samurai superfood” and the “food miracle” of the great depression. These are foods which are rich in nutrients and they can be stored for years without them spoiling.

Get to know the lost skill of using wild plants for medicinal purposes. Native Americans and our forefathers rarely got sick and if they did, their pharmacies used to be plants found outdoors.

There are over a thousand plant species which they used to effectively treat different ailments. However, a lot of people currently even don’t know more than twenty plant species let alone even using them.

In the second edition of the lost ways, you will be taught how to use some of the ordinary plants found in your backyard to treat diseases.

But before you learn how to use these plants, you will be taught, using large colored pictures, how you can safely and easily identify the right plants which you can use to treat diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, fever among other conditions. You will also learn about plants that are used as natural painkillers.

Lost Ways 2 offers a guideline that you can use to prepare powerful natural antibiotics which you can use to fight bacterial infections and avoid the negative side effects caused by modern drugs.

In order to learn about natural disinfectants, the book outlines how certain trees can be used to stop bleeding within just seconds.

If you take a look at ancient houses, you will learn that most houses were constructed using logs. Well, Lost Ways 2 reveals how you can design and construct a log house where you can spend your holidays or take shelter during crisis.

Hunting used to be one of the main activities of the Wild West pioneers. They used to hunt down deer and tan the hides without using any chemicals.

In this book, you will discover how to hunt and to butcher a deer. You will also learn how to use every part of the deer; how to make a knife handle, tallow, glue, bowstring, a needle, dig a well, get charcoal with the highest purity, build a charcoal filter using activated charcoal, among others.

Lost Ways 2 is not a scam. Customer reviews indicate that it’s a genuine and one of the most sought-after books which contain precious wisdom.

Pros of the Lost Ways 2

  • The types of superfoods outlined in this book are very nutritious and you can solely depend on them for months.
  • These foods can be stored for years without it getting spoilt. You don’t even require a refrigerator for storage.
  • It’s very affordable and probably all the ingredients used to make are just right in your kitchen.
  • With the three superfoods in your house, you are guaranteed a full stockpile and you’ll never depend on anybody in case of crisis.
  • The use of outdoor plants outlined here offer quick and effective remedy without causing any negative side effects.
  • The log cabins can be used during a crisis or as holiday houses. They offer a cool and relaxing environment. The materials used to construct them are readily available and cost-friendly.
  • The book outlines and offers an amazing guideline on a lot of activities which are important if you want to become self-sufficient.
  • If for any reason you buy the book but find it not interesting, it comes with a 60-day warranty and you are guaranteed a full refund.

The Ideal Candidate for the Program

If you want to become self-sufficient, to prepare yourself for a crisis such as famine, war etc. or you want to learn the long-forgotten methods our forefathers used for survival, then you need to grab a copy of the Lost Ways 2.

Does the Lost Ways 2 Work?

This product definitely works. The details outlined here were used centuries ago and even in the modern times, survival skills are still very important.

Astronauts are using superfoods for their long space missions and the trend of building log houses has been in existence for decades.


Lost Ways 2 is an amazing book that offers valuable guidelines which can be used in time of crisis. It’s a precious gem that is filled with a lot of knowledge which can’t be found anywhere on the internet today.

This book is highly recommended especially if you are looking for survival knowledge.

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