Survival Grenade Reviews

The 15 in 1 survival grenade is a compact survival kit that has a total of fifteen important survival items all packed into a grenade shaped pack and can be hung on a belt clip and it is aimed at equipping one with the essential tools needed to survive in some of the harshest environments that one may find themselves in.

Who is the author/creator?

This product is created and owned by They specialize in creating high quality prepping, survival and self defense gear.

They also provide highly informative survival tips and tutorials. Their website is easy to navigate and one can also shop directly from the website and have your items delivered to you in a time frame of up to ten business days.

What is included in the program?

The program includes the survival grenade kit which consists of a nine foot paracord which is useful in various situations such as tying equipment such as rucksacks, a carabiner which is used to connect components, mostly ropes, a 2.25 inch scapel for light weight cutting, an alcohol prep pad to keep wounds clean, three fishing hooks, one small and two large, two fishing floats, two fishing weights, a fishing line, two jigs which are devices used to control the location or motion of various tools , two safety pins, a needle, wire, one square foot aluminium foil, ferrorod fire-starter, and tinder used to light fires.

Along with the survival grenade kit one also receives three free survival guide books which include: thirty day survival training.

This book covers everything including shelter, water, fire, food, self defense and much more. The second book is the wild scavenger training which is mostly for the people who love to explore the wilderness and contains the important tips on surviving in such an environment.

The third book is the Plan B defense training which teaches self defense techniques which might come in handy in saving your life or someone else.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

The program offers one free 15 in 1 survival grenade and three elite guide books which are also available in a downloadable format.

All one needs to do is pay a six dollars ninety five cents shipping fee within the USA and nine dollars ninety five cents for international shipping and fill in your location details.

The free guides are also in downloadable format and one can get instant access. If you are wondering whether this program is a scam, it is not.

This might actually be one of the best products you will find on survival, prepping and self defense in the market. Their contact information can be found on their website which is

The Pros

  1. It is easy and convenient to shop for the 15 in 1 survival grenade product and have them delivered to your doorstep all around the world all because of the user-friendly website layout.
  2. The survival kit and guides are free. All you pay for is the shipping fee!
  3. The kit contains must have items needed for survival.
  4. The kit has a compact and user friendly design and therefore convenient to carry since it can be attached onto a belt or bag and even be used as a key ring.
  5. The products are manufactured by experts in the field and using high quality materials and are therefore high quality and long lasting.
  6. One receives a tracking number provided by one of the best tracking services within twenty-four hours of ordering through which you can easily monitor your product as it is being delivered therefore ensuring that your product does not get lost during shipping.
  7. The guides contain important and detailed information on how to defend yourself and various survival tactics and also come in a downloadable format.

Who is the ideal consumer for this product?

Anybody can acquire the survival grenade and keep it in preparation for any emergencies that might occur despite not being an outdoors person.

People who are going to enjoy and benefit from this product more frequently are individuals who are adventurous and outgoing such as hikers and mountain climbers.

People who also live in or near forests can also benefit from this since one never knows when a wild animal will wander into your compound or even into your house.

Those living in places that are prone to natural disasters and harsh weather conditions should also have this product as a precaution.

If you are one of those people who like to always be prepared for anything, the survival grenade is also for you.

Does the product work?

Yes, it definitely works. And why would it not. The survival grenade is manufactured by professionals who have been doing this kind of work for a long time and using high quality materials resulting in high performance equipment.

The survival guides also provide you with innovative ways to use the equipment and maximize their usage.


Always have the survival kit in a place which is easily accessible and if you are on the move, make sure you put it in a place you will not lose it and where you can easily retrieve it.

The components of the kit should be stored together to avoid losing some of them. They should also be kept clean and ready for use to ensure they last long.

Purchase additional equipment you might need along with the survival grenade and have all of them delivered to your doorstep together at their website This will improve your level of preparation and also improve your chances of survival in the wilderness or in any other environment one might encounter.

If you are a beginner, consult an expert with ample knowledge and experience and make sure you fully understand how to use all the equipment and how to maintain and store it.

Test the gear after buying it to ensure you fully understand how to use it and maintain it.

After repeated use of the equipment, inspect it carefully one by one to ensure it is fully functional and in good shape.

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