Secret Death Touches Reviews

Secret Death Touches is a self defense technique that teaches you previously secret methods of killing (or severely disabling) an assailant.

The program relies on just a few secret “Death Touches”, that have a great deal in common with acupuncture. Th difference is that acupuncture brings positive benefits whereas Death Touches can kill.

The creator of this program states that the secrets of these moves were taught t him by an old martial arts expert in China, who was nearing death. The controversial claim made by the same man was that he had killed Bruce Lee sing this technique.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The creator of this program is Robert Lawrence, aged 59, who had been a Marine for twenty years. Robert and his grandchildren were mugged in a toy store car park one day, and this inspired his quest for a way to ensure it would never happen again. Later a late night viewing of a Bruce Lee film pointed him toward the solution he sought.

What Is Included In The Program?

The Secret Death Touches program consists of a series of over the shoulder videos designed to train the viewer in these secret, and deadly techniques.

These videos are supported by easy to use step-by-step user guides to implement the moves. The videos will walk you through them slowly as you learn these ancient techniques.and the guides have photos that connect with the training videos, accompanied by detailed explanations of what each of these moves do, and how to follow up.

Whilst these are deadly moves and should not be used except in circumstances of real need, It is possible to mitigate the effect by using less pressure.

The course will teach you a variety of concepts and techniques including:

  • The twelve techniques taught to Robert Lawrence by the Martial Arts master in China
  • To be ready to stand against anyone threatening your safety or that of your family members.
  • The special pressure points on the body that will cause untold harm to your opponent
  • Why you do not need expensive and lengthy martial arts courses
  • How to disable anyone who sneaks up o you and attacks you instantly

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The aim of the course is to turn anyone completing he course into a skilled and confident individual who knows that with just one touch they can kill their attacker.

The website claims that these 12 ancient techniques are deadly. The science behind them is the same as acupuncture is based upon.

The same traditional knowledge from China used in opposing ways. One to heal and one to kill. The knowledge gained from this course provides you with a self defense system that you always carry with you.

A gun is also deadly but would you always carry a gun with you? I doubt t, and even if you did, would you have time to reach down and retrieve the gun from the holster before your assailant acted?

Quite possibly trying to defend yourself a gun will result in you, and those with you, getting shot.

However, if you remain calm, a swift touch with one of the Secret Death Touches would be unexpected by the attacker, and also not be perceived by the attacker to be dangerous (until they are rolling around on the floor), so if you were to fail, the attacker would be far less likely to shoot you.

So is it a Scam?

The Secret Death Touch technique is actually more correctly called Dim-Mak in China. A known technique similar to Dim-Mak is called Commotio Codis where the heart may be disrupted by a blow to the precordial region (just above the heart) and can led to cardiac arrest.

Several books have mentioned this technique over he years and more than one person has speculated that Bruce Lee was in actual fact killed by a Dim-Mak blow, sometime before his death.

There is also a South Indian martial arts technique known as Varma Kalai, which is similar to Dim-Mak. There are also accounts on the website of people using the system to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, since it is potentially lethal, t is no the sort of thing you can check for yourself. I do not believe it is scam, but I think in this case you must first believe in he concept of Dim-Mak, and Varma Kalai to accept this evidence.

List of Good Points

  1. Once learned you always have confidence that you can bring down an attacker
  2. The course is quite affordable
  3. Training seems well presented
  4. Some basis in science

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Crime rates in the USA are actually falling, although they are still higher than in most other western societies. Despite this, people's perception of the risk of crime they face is growing.

This is important because the fear of being a victim of crime is what does the damage. If a person is scared to go out or nervous when walking across a car parking area then their life is being impacted by crime.

Fear is a terrible thing, which is why people rely on guns, even though carrying a gun may well put them at increased risk. Thy do not believe that they can defend themselves without a weapon.

This is where those who have completed this course benefit. Graduates of this course have greater confidence and therefore less fear. They know that they can take down any attacker.

This course is therefore ideal for anybody who has ever had the slightest unease about their personal safety or the safety of those with them.

Does The Program Work?

I am of the opinion that there is basis in truth for the claims made in the presentation made on their website. the testimonials from various users all seem to ring true, but more importantly for me is the fact that Dim-Mak is widely accepted as being real in the Chinese traditional community.

I believe in acupuncture, and if I believe a touch can produce beneficial results in a totally different part of the body, how can I deny that a tough in another part of the body can be harmful.


Anyone who lacks confidence in their ability o protect themselves should purchase this course.

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