My Survival Farm Reviews

Growing foods until they get ready for human consumption requires a lot of work and time. This can be well testified by farmers who will tell you that tilling the land, planting the seeds, weeding, applying chemicals and harvesting is not a joke.

But who won't prefer harvesting more foods than the work applied in growing those foods? Definitely, every one of us would prefer going the easier way, but since time immemorial, this has not been possible.

We all believe in hard work for abundant harvest, don't we? However, the time has come for us to see this amazing method of crop production that will make you get bumper harvest without straining much.

This is something that will make even those who hate stepping on the farm to turn into crop production. With the coming of My Survival Farm, things have turned out to be easy.

Growing your crops without tilling your land and not weeding your plants is something that will surprise you. It is an effective way of saving your family as well as the entire community during a food crisis.

What is My Survival Farm all about?

The program is all about how to save yourself and your people from the financial, drought and war crisis. It raises the question of one's survival should any of these disasters happen.

According to the makers of this program, they say that it is designed to enable you to grow your own food to ensure that in time of crisis, you and your family are able to survive without experiencing any kind of sufferings.

Who is the author of this program?

My Survival Farm was created by Dan F. Sullivan. Following the ongoing socialist regime in the United States, Dan F. Sullivan speculated that the problem might result to a lot of unforeseen problems, and he saw it worth coming up with the program that will teach the people how to live and survive in that socialism regime.

Sullivan says that crisis can be predictable, but it is not easy to tell when things would turn back to normal. He, therefore, teaches how you can grow food in hardy conditions to cater for yourself and family needs; foods that will be enough to feed you until the condition comes back to normal.

Emphasizing the need to learn how to survive the crisis, Sullivan exposes us to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. The hunger disaster in Venezuela cannot be underrated.

How would you describe a hunger-stricken country, whose citizens have turned to catching and slaughtering animals in the zoo, attacking food trucks even before they reach their destinations and stealing food from those trucks?

This means that if they have the guts to do such things, getting into your gardens and looting your crops is not a great deal!

You see, even if you decide to grow your crops during those hunger times, your garden will always attract unwanted visitors and you may wake up one morning only to find all your food gone unless you sacrifice your comfort and spend the night outside trying to guard it.

Sullivan considered all these issues and together with his fellow experts, they decided to come up with a program that will offer a permanent solution to all those problems. According to him, My Survival Farm is all you need.

What is included in My Survival Farm?

My Survival Farm includes a step-by-step guide on how you can develop a survival garden where you will be able to grow your crops without carrying out a lot of activities on them.

The program shows that with your survival garden, your crops will be able to grow naturally even without weeding or applying chemicals which in most cases pollutes the environment and kills the insects that assist crops during their growth.

The program also includes the guide on how you can let your crops share the same garden with the bees and backyard animals to let them benefit from each other.

Generally, the program is all about a detailed guide on how to prepare your survival garden and the benefits associated with it. The following is the simple guide included in the program:

Step 1. Dig your garden and cover the soil with mulches from dry leaves, chicken droppings, and branches. All these are meant to prevent excess evaporation and when they dry, they decay to provide humus to your crops.

Step 2. Dig shallow ditches to trap rain water and run-offs so that you won't need to keep on watering your garden.

Step 3. Plant your seeds, and select those which can grow together.

Also, the following are some of the information that you will find in the book:

  • Natural pest control methods
  • How to set up a hedge around your survival garden.
  • Plants that will offer natural fertilizers.
  • How to make organic fertilizers.
  • How to mix plants in your Survival garden.

How does it work?

My Survival Farm works by teaching you how to survive in the time of crisis, and how you can grow food to ensure that there is a continued supply of foodstuff for yourself and the family.

According to the program makers, it is not there to last for just a little moment, but it will definitely last for a number of decades.

Is it a scam?

No, My Survival Farm is not a scam. The program works well and the research shows that those who have tested the product have a positive story about it.

The positive reviews by the customers guarantee you that the product is genuine.


  1. The product teaches you on how to grow your food in any condition.
  2. It is easy to grow food even without sun or water.
  3. You can grow as many as 125 different plants in your survival garden.
  4. The program contributes to environmental protection.
  5. The product is affordable as you can have it from as low as $39.99.
  6. The product is loaded with bonuses once you make a single purchase.
  7. 100$ money refund guarantee should the product fail to give the results.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

If you have the desire to keep your family safe during a food crisis, then you are an ideal candidate for My Survival Farm. You only need to enroll and purchase the product today and you will stay safe in time of crisis.

Does the product work?

Yes, the product works. Considering that everything included in the growth of your crops is natural, there is a guarantee that the product works.

We all know that mulches, trees, animals, and plants are all important for proper growth of the crops. In addition, the customers who have already purchased the product have given positive reviews about its effectiveness.


The research shows that My Survival Farm has high chances of working effectively to ensure continued food supply even when the conditions are not favorable.

It is recommended that you buy the product and be equipped with those valuable skills that will make you have enough food to eat irrespective of the conditions.

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