Hoffman Richter EDT Mini Multi Tool Reviews

The Hoffman Richter E.D.T Mini Multi-Tool is an everyday personal equipment that comes handy in times of emergencies.

The device was designed to meet the emergency needs people could encounter at anytime – at work or play, and is meant to help them surmount the challenges associated with such emergencies.

It is a portable gadget that can fit into the pocket and yet find use in unexpected times. The instrument is made of stainless steel, making it tough and durable that unless it is lost, it is the sort of contrivance people use for decades.

Who Is The Creator?

As the name shows, the gadget was made by Hoffman Ritcher, whose company though may not ring a bell, doesn’t mean they are a group that could be written off.

They are the manufacturers of high quality, top of the range survival tools that people who have had opportunity of using them attest to their usefulness. The company has the very rare concept of using lifetime warranty to endorse all their tools.

What Is Included In The Product?

The gadget is a pocket fitting equipment that weighs less than 30oz. It is so small that it can be carried around in the pocket or purse with no form of inconvenience.

It has built-in needle nose pliers with which to amplify the strength of grip on a material. Therre are wire cutters in case you have to deal with work involving cutting wires or stripping them.

It also has a bottle opener, a serrated edge, can opener, surgical blade, a Phillips head screw driver and a carabiner or a stay-in-place clip built in for ease of carrying.

It has these seven amazing features built into it in a way that they individually can be put to use to work efficiently and effectively unhindered.

How Does It Work? Is it A Scam?

In life, emergencies can occur anytime, and usually when you least expect them. There are times also when we get stranded and discover that some of the things that we take for granted are so very important.

Imagine going for a camping and at night and you need to open a tin of canned food or a bottle of carbonated drink but then realized there was no opener.

Try what you could, but there is still no way to open the drink or can. Now you could do anything to have had something as basic as an opener with you.

What relief would you have if someone came along and gave you the right equipment with which to open your container!

That is the importance of this equipment. It functions to make the owner have a tool they can fall back to. It has a screw driver that enables the user to tighten or loosen screws on their own when there is no technician around to do it for them.

Under emergencies, there might not be time to wait for even the emergency service to arrive before doing something to help yourself. This tool ensures that you have that extra help you may need at such times.

The surgical knife component is absolutely a must-have in the event of an accident.

Making incisions to bleed snakebite, cutting a roll of bandages and such are situations that sometimes arise, showing us that there are things that are essential to have around, things such as this device.

The designers of the product attached a carabiner to it. It is just as if they are saying that this equipment must always be hooked to your pocket, and it is.

The way the components fit in very well is admirable. When folded up, the appliance is so portable that it is difficult guessing that it is a multipurpose contrivance that meets different needs that otherwise would be frustrating.

Some users suggest clipping it with the home and car keys, so that it will always be within reach wherever you are. For ladies, having it in their purses makes this valuable instrument easily accessible.

This equipment works very well, it is also durable and certainly not a scam.

List of Pros

  1. This is a very portable device that can fit into the pocket or hand bag.
  2. It is made from steel and so very durable.
  3. It is an everyday need, especially when out of the home.
  4. It saves cost by preventing purchasing those accompanying apparatus in times of emergencies.
  5. The construction is rugged and suitable for tough and delicate work.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

This is one of those products whose need could arise at any time, sometimes unexpectedly. It is meant for every household.

Having it in the home is essential, so that the home owners could use it for the occasional repair needs or emergencies. It is a must-have also for campers.

Camping takes people outdoors and survival strategies are needed in such situations. Just as in the example earlier, the device can conveniently be put to use if loss of essential household equipment such as knives occurs.

When there is a hazardous situation every help is needed and a gear such as this is very helpful. In extreme life-threatening situation, it could be used for self-defense.

Does The Product Work?

This is a gadget that the manufacturer has backed up with 100 percent warranty. People who have used it attest to its value.

Whether trying to increase the efficiency of your hold using the pliers or making an incision using the surgical knife. It is a product that has had many positive reviews.

An iron-clad warranty speaks volumes, attesting to the fact that this is a very useful tool that is built with high quality steel and made to last. All the seven features built into this instrument work very well.


As would now be obvious, Hoffman Richter E.D.T Mini Multi-Tool is a product that everyone should have based mainly on the fact that its utility is not in doubt.

For example, when the need arises to cut something at a place where a knife may not be available, this amazing tool is a sort of insurance at such times.

With this gadget around, the person would not be stranded. This product is highly recommended, not just because of its durability but it is very useful.

4.8/5 - (10 votes)